Valdevina Malbec, Argentina

An elegant and full bodied red, with silky smooth flavours on the palate and a spicy complex finish. An excellent example of Argentine Malbec.

Grape variety: 100% Malbec

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2019 Valdevina Malbec, Famatina Valley, Argentina

Tasting Note

An elegant and full bodied red, with silky smooth flavours on the palate and a spicy complex finish. An excellent example of Argentine Malbec.

Food Pairing

Valdevina Malbec is perfect with Grilled rump steak, roast beef or cheese.

The Vineyard

La Riojana owes so much to the pioneering Italian migrants who first moved, in the 1940s, to the Famatina Valley in the remote northwest region of La Rioja province. Not only did they work together, sharing their grapes to make wine for their new community and sowing the seeds for what would eventually become La Riojana, they also set up home in what is now one of Argentina’s most reputable wine growing regions. The Famatina Valley is nothing short of a viticultural paradise, ideal for growing grapes capable of thriving in what can be harsh conditions with summer temperatures topping 45°C and rainfall of only 180mm a year. Despite the near-desert conditions, crucially grapes can be grown in high altitude vineyards, ranging between 900 to 1,400 metres, on loam to sandy loam, alluvial type soils. This means they can enjoy both the benefit of brilliant sunshine during long hot days and then the comfort of cold nights. This is the ideal combination for growing superb healthy fruit, bringing depth and colour to the red wines and aroma and flavour to the whites. The hot, sunny conditions are also ideal for organic wine growing vital to La Riojana’s winemaking philosophy as it means fewer insects, and pests, that can affect the grape.

Winemakers Notes

We use sheep in the Valdevina malbec vineyards to keep on top of vegetation and any pests and their manure helps fertilize the vines. What’s more the Famatina valley is surrounded by the Andes, Famatina and El Velazco mountains, which run northwest to south east, providing good ventilation and protection to the vines.

Hand harvested. De-stemmed and lightly crushed. Pre-fermentation maceration for 2 days at 10C. Fermented with selected yeast at 26-28C. Macerated for 18 days. Aged 6 months prior to bottling.

Regional Info

La Rioja is a wine region in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in western Argentina, north of Mendoza and San Juan. The mountainous terroir of the region is particularly suited to the white-grape variety Torrontes, which produces crisp, aromatic white wines.

Locals argue that La Rioja was one of the first Argentinian regions to have vines planted in it, and Spanish settlers in the late 16th Century are widely credited with being the first to plant grapes here. In fact, La Rioja was named for the northern Spanish region of the same name by Juan Ramirez de Velasco, a Spaniard from Rioja itself. This has caused some animosity between the two regions: in 2011, the Argentinian province won a court case allowing it to continue to label its wines as ‘La Rioja Argentina’.

La Rioja’s position in the rain shadow of the Andes range means that wine-producing areas are strictly governed by access to water.


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