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Winehack Team

We’re Colin and Ben, and we drink wine.  Ben has been involved in the wine industry for many years, initially through hospitality before opening the rather trendy wine bar & shop In Vino Veritas in Walthamstow, East London 6 years ago.  Colin on the other hand has been an enthusiastic patron of said bar, and brings a wealth of professional purchasing experience. 

The wine industry has a reputation of being a bit highbrow, stuffy and, well, old. And we think that’s because it is.  Websites strewn with Times New Roman, job titles that sound like they’ve been bestowed by the Queen, and reviews catering for the 1% who actually have an underground wine cellar. 

We decided to have a crack at doing something different, to find the good and the great amongst more easily accessible wines (yes we mean cheaper) through a sociable and semi-scientific approach to tasting and rating wines. We enjoyed it so much we’ve now put together a small list of exceptional wines we love, so you can have them delivered direct to your door from a temperature controlled bonded warehouse, no excess packaging here!

We hope to become a source of great value interesting wine to some, and to provide useful guidance to others who enjoy a glass and want to avoid being the person that brings a bottle to the party that gets passed back to them on a return visit 2 months later.